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The Friends of Bolton School is an initiative designed to bring together past and present parents, pupils, governors and members of staff, as well as those in the wider community who have an interest in the life of the School.

Many parents are saddened when their son or daughter leaves School because their departure represents a significant break with the past. Similarly, many members of the local community have indicated that they would welcome a greater involvement in the life of the School, even though they are not Alumni and have not had children themselves at the School. Finally, there are times when it would be both convenient and desirable for the different groups which already have a stake-hold in the School (such as current parents, past pupils and former members of staff or governors) to be able to communicate and collaborate with one another. 

The Friends of Bolton School is intended to enable two key objectives - to allow the existing groups to use the Friends as a means of coordinating effort when that is mutually advantageous and to allow some groups (most obviously former parents, locally prominent people who are friendly to the School and members of the public) to have some association with the School more formally and to allow the School to have cause to contact and engage them.

Membership is free and is open to all current and former parents, all Alumni and all current and former staff. Anyone else who considers themselves a Friend of the School can also become a member. Members will receive an e-update on news from School and events at least twice each year, as well as an invitation to the biennial Friends' Dinner.

To learn how we use your details read our Development Office's full Privacy Statement.

You can keep up to date with the Friends of Bolton School by following them on Twitter @FriendsofBS. If you have any specific queries or comments, please email

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