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How to join us

  • Why Bolton School

  • Admissions

    Bolton School offers the potential of a continual learning experience from Nursery to Sixth Form. However, pupils can join us at a number of levels: Nursery (0-4 years) Our nursery offers a choice of full- and part-time places for your child from birth through to 4 years of age and staff will be delighted to meet you to discuss your needs. For...

  • Prospectus Request

    If you would like to make your request for a prospectus online, please fill out the form below and a prospectus will be posted to you.  You can view an Overview of Bolton School here. You can view our new digital-only Sixth Form Girls' prospectus here. You can view our new digital-only Sixth Form Boys' prospectus here.

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  • Fees

  • Bursaries

  • Scholarships

    A number of new Scholarships are available to pupils entering either the Girls’ or Boys’ Division in Year 7. These generous Scholarships are not means-tested and are awarded to those pupils who, we believe, will make a strong contribution to the academic and wider life of the School.   Half and full organ scholarships are available in the Boys'...

  • Boys' Division Organ Scholarships

    A limited number of full and half Junior (Year 7 – 9) and Senior scholarships (Year 10 – 13) are available in the Boys' Division. For full scholarships, the Music Department pays the full annual fee for organ lessons; and for half scholarships, the Music Department pays half the annual fee for organ lessons. The scholarships are awarded at the...

  • Leverhulme Centenary Scholarship Awards

    The Leverhulme Centenary Scholarship Award was established in 2015 in honour of the Centenary of the School. In continuation of that scheme, Bolton School will award four such Scholarships in 2019 across the two Divisions. The purpose of the Leverhulme Scholarship Award is to provide financial support over a period of three years for university...

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions by parents considering applying to Bolton School: Why should I send my child to Bolton School? Can I come and have a look around the School? I'd like to come but I am not sure I can afford the fees How competitive is it to get into Bolton School? I know Bolton School has an...

  • Entrance Examination

    Entrance Examinations for entry in September into Junior (Year 3) and Senior Schools (Year 7) of the Girls' and Boys' Divisions will take place at the School early in January of the year of entry. The Entrance Testing Day for entry in September 2020 will be held on Thursday 16 January 2020. All applicants for the exam must fill out an...

  • Application Forms

    Entry to Bolton School is by Entrance Examinations which are held in January each year for entry in September of the same year. Children transferring from Beech House (Bolton School Infant School) into the Junior Schools will not need to take an entrance exam as assessment for entry into Bolton School has already taken place.  Application...