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Financial Assistance and Bursaries


Financial assistance is available to those families with pupils entering Bolton School from ages 11 through to 18. Bursaries ensure that pupils are drawn from diverse backgrounds; many of our students are from families whose income is below the national average. Currently, one in five pupils receives a Bursary-assisted place. This is made possible by our Open Door Bursary Fund, which aims to maintain the ethos of Lord Leverhulme who, when re-endowing the School in 1915, wanted to offer an education for all, regardless of financial circumstances. 

The School offers fee assistance to those parents whose income is such that they would not otherwise be able to pay the full fees. The awards are based on the child's performance on the Entrance Testing Day and the degree of assistance required. The latter is based on an annual declaration of income and assets. The Bursary will usually continue until the end of Year 11 and there is the possibility it will continue into the sixth form. However, the amount to which you are entitled is re-assessed annually. 

Parents whose income is less than circa £20,000 may be offered full remission of fees.  Those parents whose income exceeds circa £80,000 will not qualify for assistance. 

If you wish to be considered for a Bursary please complete the Application Form which will be sent out with the invitation to sit the entrance examination. That form will require an estimate of your income for the year ending 5 April. After submission of the form, there will be a parental interview with the School's Clerk & Treasurer for those who are being considered for bursary assistance. 

If your child is successful on the Entrance Testing Day in January they will be offered a place, in writing. That offer will inform you of the provisional level of Bursary Award (if you qualify on financial grounds) in terms of your contribution towards fees. You should then follow the instructions relating to your acceptance of that place. 

In May you will be asked to complete a Final Declaration of Income form. On this you will be asked to enter details of your actual income to 5 April . With this Declaration you will be asked to provide documentation to corroborate your income for the previous fiscal year. We will inform you of the amount of your own contribution towards fees, in writing, during the course of the school summer holiday. 

The amount of your award will be reassessed annually. We may ask you to pay a greater proportion of the fees if your income should rise, however there is no obligation on the School's part to increase the percentage should your income fall. Each year you will be asked to complete a new Declaration of Income form and to provide details of your income for the previous fiscal year. You will be provided with explanatory notes in order to help you to complete both the Provisional and Final Declaration forms. Alternatively you may telephone the Bursary Officer, Mrs Saunders, on 01204 840201 ext 329, or contact her by email 

Bursary support is also available to students who apply to join the Boys' or Girls' Division Sixth Form. We award bursaries after consideration of family income and a student's academic merit.  In order to help us ascertain the academic potential of students applying for a bursary we will require them to sit a cognitive test administered by the School. 

We also offer a number of non-means tested scholarships to boys and girls entering Year 7 - full details are here

Bolton School’s generous bursary has enabled me to continue my studies here in the sixth form. I have particularly enjoyed the opportunities to engage in Community Action within the school and with Bolton-based organisations. I appreciate the opportunities I have been given to study at this supportive school and am eager to give back to my community.

The small class sizes have been beneficial in maximising the support from my teachers and increasing my passion for my subjects. I’ve been able to help with running clubs for younger pupils and have been a peer mentor for a year. The arts and science evening lectures which I regularly attend have broadened my knowledge base and allowed me to gain an insight into a variety of subjects which I would not have thought to explore.

The friendly atmosphere of Bolton School has enabled my academic and social progression. I have had the room to grow and develop crucial skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork throughout my time here. As I now look to my next steps in life at University, I am confident that my academic abilities and social skills which I have developed at Bolton School will get me far in life. Without the financial aid from the school, this would not have been possible for me and many others in similar positions. I am very grateful for my experiences I have had as a Bolton School pupil.

Year 13 Bursary Recipient, Girls' Division


When I first visited Bolton School only a few months after immigrating to the UK from Pakistan, I was captivated by the atmosphere I saw, but felt that studying here was somehow out of reach for me. Looking back I am extremely grateful that this feeling turned out to be misplaced – I settled into the rhythm of school life very quickly and was able to take advantage of the truly excellent opportunities it provides.

My father is a doctor working in the NHS, and the only earner in my family. He initially struggled to support the expenses of my education, so the assistance provided by the school in the form of a 45% bursary helped ensure that I was able to continue at the school through to Sixth Form.

I am now working towards achieving my offer to study Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at King’s College London.

Year 13 Bursary Recipient, Boys' Division

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