How to Join Us

Entrance Examination

Entrance Examinations for entry in September into Junior (Year 3) and Senior Schools (Year 7) of the Girls' and Boys' Divisions take place at the School in mid-January of the year of entry.

The Entrance Exam arrangements for entry in September 2022 are yet to be determined but are likely to take place on Thursday 13 January 2022.

All applicants for the exam must fill out an application form, which can be obtained from the relevant School Secretary and is enclosed in each prospectus pack. You can also download an application form from our website by clicking here.

Anyone wishing to apply to Bolton School after the January entrance examination date has elapsed should in the first instance call the appropriate secretary to enquire about availability.

Entry to the Girls' Division Junior School or the Boys' Division Junior School

Children transferring from Beech House (Bolton School Infant School) into Year 3 of the Junior Schools will not need to take an entrance exam as assessment for entry into Bolton School has already taken place. 

All other children wishing to enter the Junior Schools will need to sit an Entrance Test and you can find out more details about applying to the Junior Girls' School here and the Junior Boys' School here.

Entry to the Girls' Division Senior School or the Boys' Division Senior School

For entry to the Girls' Division or Boys' Division in 2021 there will be three multi-choice assessment papers, set for us by GL Assessment, comprising:

  • Non-verbal reasoning assessment (20 minutes)
  • Mathematics assessment (50 minutes)
  • English assessment (45 minutes)

Each of these tests is designed to test "innate" ability. Practice papers are available from any good bookshop (look for GL Assessment 11+ practice papers) or online here (download the free ‘familiarisation materials’ or purchase the practice packs). 

As an indication of the required standard, we would normally expect your child's teacher to be predicting Level 5 in the Key Stage 2 SATs test.

For full details about applying to the Girls' Division Senior School click here and for full details about applying to the Boys' Division Senior School click here.

Casual Entrance

Depending on pupil migration, places are sometimes available in other year groups and prospective pupils to these year groups will also go through an admission selection process. Further information regarding this process and how to apply to a particular school within the Foundation, can be obtained through contacting the appropriate secretary


Bolton School pupils come from many backgrounds - economically, culturally and geographically