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Equal Opportunities

Our pupils come to us from a wide range of nursery, primary and secondary schools and from many different social and cultural backgrounds. Coming to a new school is a big step, especially when you do not know anyone else in the year group. We are very aware of our pupils' needs at this time and we do everything that we can to help them settle in happily.

Our founder, the first Lord Leverhulme, recognised the importance of a good education in a young child's life and wished to make places at Bolton School accessible to all bright pupils regardless of their parents' ability to pay. In the spirit of his wishes, we provide Foundation Grants in the Senior School to help with the payment of fees.

The School has some experience of catering for pupils with a range of disabilities, medical conditions and other special needs. Applications from such pupils are viewed on exactly the same academic grounds as those from other applicants. For each pupil meeting the academic criteria for admission, the School will make reasonable adjustments so that any pupil with a disability is not put at a substantial disadvantage compared with any pupil who has no such disability.

At present, our physical facilities for pupils with disabilities are limited but we will do all that is reasonable to accommodate their needs. In partnership with parents, the School will arrange to help and advise pupils with disabilities from the point of initial enquiry through to the completion of their school careers. Assessment of individual needs will be carried out and departments will be consulted about putting reasonable adjustments in place to support effective study and participation in school life. The School Nurse, based in the Medical Room, will be able to offer routine help where this is required.

The School will also do all that is reasonable to detect and deal appropriately with a learning difficulty which amounts to a "special educational need", although our staff are not qualified to make a medical diagnosis of conditions such as those commonly referred to as dyslexia, or of other learning difficulties. Remedial teaching provided by the School may be charged as an extra.

Bolton School is committed to providing equality of opportunity and improving access for pupils with disabilities.

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