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Inspection Reports

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is a body approved by the Secretary of State for Education and Skills for the purpose of inspecting independent schools in the Independent Schools Council (ISC) under Section 162 of the Education Act 2002.  Schools are inspected every six years.

The Girls' Division (which includes the co-educational Nursery and Infant School and single-sex Junior and Senior Girls' Schools) was last inspected in February 2016 - and received the highest judgement of "excellent" in all categories. The Early Years Foundation Stage provision also received the top judgement of being "outstanding" in every category. The Girls' Division also passed a Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report in February 2019.

The Boys' Division was inspected in December 2016 and the new style ISI report awarded the school the top mark of "excellent" in each category. The Boys' Division also received a compliance report in 2019 which it passed.

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The Good Schools' Guide

The Good Schools Guide is a highly respected straight-talking, independent and unbiased guide to good UK state and private schools. Inspectors have recently been to Bolton School and you can read their reviews here:

Bolton School Infant School (Beech House) - for girls and boys aged 4-7 years

Bolton School Junior Girls' School (Hesketh House) - for girls aged 7-11 years

Bolton School Junior Boys' School (Park Road) - for boys aged 7-11 years

Bolton School Senior Girls' School - for girls aged 11-18 years

Bolton School Senior Boys' School - for boys aged 11-18 years



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Independent Schools Council (ISC) site:
Bolton School Boys' Division
Bolton School Girls' Division


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Parents may find the GSA website mydaughter.co.uk a valuable source of up-to-date information, expert opinion and useful advice on all aspects of educating and raising girls.

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