There's No Place Like Home
Whole School Art

Fifteen families from across the Bolton School Foundation are being sought to take part in a community arts project, There’s No Place Like Home, led by Naomi Lord, the School's Director of Creative Learning and Partnerships and  Specialist  Leader in Cultural Education. 

Miss Lord said: ‘Be it ever so humble, home is more than just a place. It’s also an idea - one in which our hearts are invested.  Ideas of home are deeply embedded in human consciousness. Home is home, and  everything  else  is “not-home”.  That’s the way the world is constructed.            

This multi-arts and enrichment project is designed to encourage families from across the school community to come together to explore and share ideas around the theme of "home", to  open  up  our  home  cultures  to  seek  and  enjoy  differences and similarities. The project will include creative workshops and visits, plus the opportunity to design a school community event to showcase the results. 

‘Alongside the exploration of our home lives, we also intend to explore historical and contemporary phenomena related to home, homelessness and the displacement of peoples. 

‘We're excited to see who will pull up a chair to this table, and about what we will discover, learn, make and share  together.’ 

The project is aimed at pupils, aged 11+, and a parent or carer or a member of staff and youngster from their family. It will run from October until March 2023, in term time only. Sessions will take place twice a month, after school or on a weekend date. Expressions of interest should be made via the form emailed to all parents and guardians. Any questions should be directed to Miss Lord at [email protected] . Participants will enjoy a number of visits, real and virtual, to the likes of the Museum of the Home, the Museum of Homelessness and People of the Streets, the University of Manchester’s South Asia Gallery, Manchester Jewish Museum and Anne Frank’s House. There will be several creative workshops, including working with artist educator Caroline Slifkin.

Further details can be found in this pamphlet.

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