Girls' Division Pupils Enjoy Accelerated Reader Programme
Senior Girls English

Lower School pupils from Years 7-9 at Bolton School Girls' Division have been taking part in an Accelerated Reader programme. This has seen them enjoy a lesson in the beautiful Turret Library once a fortnight, where they completed both individual and class reading. They were also encouraged to complete quizzes on books that they have read, and many picked up merits and certificates.

There has been some healthy competition between different Form groups to see which forms have read, and quizzed on, the most words each half- term.

The winners for the period from February Half Term to Easter were:

9C – 3,879,081 words read

8G – 8,845,668 words read

7C – 3,447,629 words read

Winners for the period from Easter to May half term were:

7E – 1,797,234 words read

8C – 5,917,532 words read

9C – 3,087,823 words read

Mrs Holliday, Coordinator of the Accelerated Reader programme, said: 'Year 8 have quizzed the most across both half terms – well done, Year 8! Congratulations too to all of our winners! Remember - there are lots of rewards on offer for sustained effort with quizzing, so keep it up next year!'

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