GCSE Pupils Hear About Studying for a Degree Apprenticeship
Senior Girls Alumna

Rosie Dandy, who left Bolton School in 2019, returned to her alma mater school via Zoom to talk to Year 10 and 11 girls about undertaking a Degree Apprenticeship.

Rosie explained how, when she started in the Sixth Form, she originally wanted to be a lawyer but, having undertaken work experience in this field, she changed her mind. Studying A levels in Psychology, History and Business, she determined upon studying a Business degree while also applying for about 30 degree apprenticeships. In a very competitive field, she managed to secure an (IT) Degree Apprenticeship at pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca. Rosie informed her audience of over 260 pupils of the merits of a course called Aspire, Apply, Achieve run by the Manchester Metropolitan University, which gave her a great grounding for her apprenticeship.

At AstraZeneca, Rosie rotated through several roles over her four years including: Project Support Officer, Digital Transformation Project Manager, Business Analyst/Business Relationship Manager, User Experience Researcher/Designer, Digital Transition Manager and as a Project Manager in cyber security, the area which she focused on for her dissertation. Rosie told how she has recently taken up a permanent role as a Business Analyst in the Agile Technology and Delivery Team.

Having recently graduated with a First class degree from MMU, Rosie explained how she had attained the highest grade in the year! She did this, she said, without studying any Computer Science at GCSE or A level. Her advice was ‘to jump at every opportunity’. She is now undertaking a Level 7/Masters course and will go into university on 3 days a month; previously, with her degree, she went in one day each week. Rosie said there were enticing relocation opportunities with AstraZeneca but she had stayed at home and still been able to enjoy a social life through the friends she had made at university.

Rosie then fielded a number of questions including: how did Covid effect your work and studies, do you live on campus and what was your favourite role during the internship?

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