Bolton School Pre-School Class

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the aim of the Nursery Class?

The Nursery Class for 3 and 4 Year Olds aims to prepare children for a smooth transition to Infant School. Through a mix of structured classes and child initiated play, we develop their social and listening skills and their politeness. We help to develop their concentration and manipulative skills, and they will be encouraged to make use of the computer. The girls and boys become familiar with Bolton School Infant School (Beech House) through use of its facilities and attendance at weekly assemblies there. This, in turn, helps prepare them for their move into Reception Class. 


Who will look after my child?

The Nursery Class is run by Mrs Louise Browning, who is supported by a Nursery Nurse.


Where will my child be looked after?

Your child will spend much of their time in spacious, colourful and well-equipped classrooms undertaking a wide range of activities. They will also spend time outdoors exploring our play areas. Each week, they will spend time at Beech House Infant School and swimming with SwimSmart. 


When is the Nursery Class "in session"?

The class is teacher led and runs from 8.00am - 3.15pm each day during term-time. Click here for term dates. Wrap-around care (before and after the class) is also available at the School from 7.30am-6.00pm and during holiday periods for the three and four years olds attending the class, via Kidzone. Parents can therefore opt for either full-time, 51 weeks of the year care, or school term-time pre-school education.


How is this Class different to the pre-school Butterfly Room in the Nursery?

The class is particularly suited for parents who want their children to become accustomed to the rhythm and hours of Infant School (although wraparound care can be arranged if it is required, see the above question). The Class includes a number of sessions and activities at Beech House, which help ease the children’s transition to Infant School. As the Nursery Class runs for shorter periods, there is a slightly increased intensity to the teaching of the structured classes. 


Does the Nursery Class cater for Special Educational Needs?

Yes, Bolton School upholds and supports the ethos of inclusion in the Nursery at all times. We accept and celebrate human diversity and we support the interests of all children and ensure that they are safeguarded at all times. All children have access to appropriate learning environments, so that they reach their full potential.


What will my child eat?

Nursery Class children eat with pupils in the Dining Hall at Bolton School Infant School, where they enjoy a warm, friendly and enjoyable eating experience. The children are offered a wide choice of delicious food (the majority of which is homemade) and there is a focus on a healthy eating strategy. They are encouraged to sit quietly whilst eating and are supervised by friendly catering staff. High levels of hygiene are maintained.


Do you cater for a variety of dietary requirements?

Yes, absolutely. Our cook can cater for any children with special dietary needs.


What are the fees and how are they paid?

Fees are the same as for Beech House and include lunch (see here for details). They can be paid via direct debit on a monthly basis; alternatively they can be paid termly. 


Do I need to sign my child up for the whole year or can they just commit to specific morning or afternoon sessions?

All places for this class are full-time only, although some parents choose to pay full fees and then select the days and hours that they wish to send their children to Nursery. Children can join at age 3 or 4 and are expected to stay with us until they progress to Reception Class in Infant School. If you do need to give notice, that term's fees will still need to be met. 


Are there any vacancies for my child to start straight away?

Yes, there are vacancies for an immediate start in the Nursery Class. You can download an application form below. Please call 01204 434732 for further details.


Is there automatic progression to Bolton School Infant School?

Progression is not automatic to the Infant School. Every child who has applied for a place at Beech House has a short age-appropriate assessment interview with the Head of Beech House before they are accepted. In reality, almost all Nursery Class children do progress to the Infant School.