Bolton School Senior Boys

Admissions to the Boys' Division (Senior School)

Bolton School Boys' Division is an academically selective, independent, day school.  

The admissions process for Bolton School Boys' Division is overseen and managed by the Deputy Head (Admissions and Achievement), Dr Fraser Mullins, and the Admissions Registrar, Miss Angela Fenton. They can be contacted in School at any point should you wish to discuss any element of entry to the Boys' Senior School (telephone: 01204 840201). 

All applicants to the Boys' Division must complete an application form. This can be obtained in one of three ways: 

The application form will provide us with various pieces of information, including your contact numbers and information about the applicant's current school. For older students, we shall also need to know which subjects he wishes to study. 

Year 7 Entry 

All applicants to Year 7 sit our Entrance Examination in the January before they wish to join the School. 

Our annual Year 7 Entrance Examination incorporates three multi-choice assessment papers:  

  • Mathematics assessment (50 minutes)
  • English assessment (45 minutes)
  • Non-verbal reasoning assessment (20 minutes) 

Each of these three tests is designed to test a child's aptitude and ability. If you wish to gain an insight about types of questions posed in the Mathematics, English and Non-Verbal Reasoning assessment papers, you may obtain practice papers via the GL Assessment website here (download the free ‘familiarisation materials’ or purchase the practice packs). However, there is no need to practise these past paper questions. 

In addition to the GL assessments, candidates are asked to take part in a small group activity with a class teacher, which usually lasts around 50 minutes, to see how they work and interact with others in a classroom setting. 

A reference will also be requested from the applicant's current school, as a report from a Headteacher forms an important element of our decision making process. For this reason, parents who wish to make an application should first discuss this with their son's current Headteacher. 

Between 125 and 150 places are available for Year 7 each year. All applicants are called for interview following the Entrance Examination, with these interviews taking place early in February. The interviews are used, along with the Headteachers' reports and the Entrance Examination performance, as a means of assessing the applicants. Subsequent to the interviews, and in agreement with the Manchester Consortium of Schools, offers of places are then posted at or just before the beginning of March. 

Further information about the Entrance Examination can be found here. You can also find out more details by contacting the Admissions Registrar, Angela Fenton ( or 01204 840201).  

Entry into Years 8-10 

Applications for other year groups are considered at any time. However, the number of places available will vary according to student migration at the time. Applicants for entry into these year groups will be asked to sit a computer based test which is designed to help measure an individual's ability and their aptitude for learning. Similar to the Entrance Examination, the test comprises of Vocabulary, Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Skills sections. We aim to make a decision within a few days of the applicant sitting a test. The admissions process will normally involve two interviews, most usually with the Deputy Head (Admissions and Achievement), Dr F H Mullins, or the Admissions Tutor, Mr M Prentki, along with one of the language departments' Heads, as appropriate. Once again, a reference from the current Headteacher will be sought and we will also ask the applicant to provide us with their most recent school report. 


The prospectus is available to download via our website here

You can also request a hard copy of the prospectus to be posted to you via our website here or by contacting the Admissions Registrar, Angela Fenton ( or 01204 840201). 

Open Events and Tours of the School 

Part of choosing the right school for your son is feeling comfortable within it on a normal working day. Accordingly, you are invited to take up the opportunity of visiting the School at various points of the School year on top of our annual Open Morning (held on a Saturday in mid-October each year). In the Autumn and Summer Terms each year 'Taster Mornings' provides an opportunity for families to be guided around classrooms by members of our sixth form whilst lessons are being delivered; equally, parents and their sons are encouraged to telephone Miss Fenton, the Admissions Registrar, to arrange a mutually convenient time to be given a private tour of the School and its facilities with the Deputy Head (Admissions and Achievement), Dr Fraser Mullins or Admissions Tutor, Mr M Prentki. 


Details of our fees for the current academic year can be found here. 


A number of Scholarships are available, mostly to pupils entering the Boys’ Division in Year 7 and Year 12. These Scholarships are not means-tested and are awarded to those pupils who, we believe, will make a strong contribution to the academic and/or wider life of the School. The Scholarships will be offered at the discretion of the Headmaster following the admission process.  

More information about Scholarships can be found here. Information about Organ Scholarships for boys in Years 7-9 can be found here

Financial Support 

Bolton School is a fee paying school, but financial support may be available through the 'Open Door' Bursary Scheme. The School has worked hard to raise funds for the scheme to enable talented youngsters whose parents may find it difficult to pay fees to attend the School. Currently more than one in five of the pupils receive some form of fee assistance. 

All bursaries are awarded on academic merit. They are means-tested and available to a proportion of the entry at Years 7 and 12; some funding may also be available to applicants to other year groups. Financial support may also be found for current students whose parents suffer subsequent hardship. In addition, the Head's Fund, supported by the Parents' Association, is used for existing pupils to ensure that such children can take part in school visits and extra-curricular activities. More information about our Bursaries can be found here

Enquiries about financial support can be addressed at any time to the Bursary Officer Mrs Charlotte Saunders ( or to the Admissions Registrar Miss Angela Fenton ( Both can be contacted via the telephone number 01204 840201. 

Apply Now 

You can download the Boys' Division Application Form and the School's Admissions Policy here: