Bolton School Senior Boys

Parental Contact

In the first instance, parental concerns about the welfare or academic progress of their son should be raised with his Form Teacher. More serious issues may then be referred to the Head of Year or Head of Section. However, in emergencies, or where an issue may be particularly urgent, the Headmaster's Secretary may be a more appropriate contact.

If an issue relates to a specific subject, it is likely that the subject teacher will respond. All parents will receive written feedback on academic progress at least twice a year and there is an annual consultation evening, where face to face contact is arranged. The Headmaster writes to all parents at the end of each term, enclosing a list of key dates for the coming year. The School Newsletter is produced three times a year and the School Magazine, The Boltonian, will be sent home each Autumn Term.

The Headmaster is keen to emphasise the importance of consulting parents. He holds a Parents' Forum each term, to which all parents are invited, so that they can seek his response to any issue they may wish to raise from the floor. Alternatively, parents are encouraged to telephone or e-mail their queries, so that he can respond in person. Personal appointments can be arranged by contacting the Headmaster's Secretary, Mrs Jayne Higham, on 01204 840201, e-mail

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