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Girls' Division Senior School

Head of Bolton School Girls' Division, Sue Hincks

Welcome to the Girls’ Division online! I hope that this website will give you a flavour of our vibrant and dynamic community and of the nurturing environment in which our bright, well-motivated girls blossom and thrive.

At Bolton School we help every girl discover her unique talents and strengths. Our staff are committed to developing in each girl the love of learning, creative independence and academic self discipline which will enable her to achieve excellent examination results. Our aim is to inspire in our girls the attributes, skills and values which will enable them to make informed choices, become responsible and principled citizens, enjoy successful careers and achieve personal fulfilment.

We understand that the best learning takes place when girls feel cherished, understood and secure. In our friendly and respectful, single sex environment, girls of all ages and backgrounds are free to relax and enjoy each other's company without feeling self conscious. They forge strong friendships to support and sustain them throughout their lives. They also have the opportunity to get to know members of the Boys’ Division through participation in extra-curricular activities alongside them.

Girls at Bolton School recognise how lucky they are to enjoy all the advantages of a supportive and inspirational educational environment with its superb facilities and exceptional range of extra-curricular activities; they value the importance of ‘giving back’ through participation in community action programmes, locally, nationally and abroad.

On our website we can only give you a glimpse of the life pupils enjoy in the Girls' Division. If you haven’t visited us yet, please do come and see the school for yourselves! The girls are terrific ambassadors and would love to show you their magical, uplifting surroundings as well as talk to you about the exceptional range of opportunities offered to them.

I very much look forward to meeting you.

Sue Hincks

Virtual Tour

Virtual campus

Pupils at Bolton School benefit from outstanding teachers, an industrious learning environment and excellent facilities.

You can view a virtual tour of our Senior Girls' School or you can take the full Bolton School virtual tour.


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