Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

A Level Assessment

It must be appreciated that work at this level, whether AS or A2, is extremely demanding. The courses are wide-ranging, yet of considerable intellectual depth - much more so than courses at GCSE level. We look for students who are self-motivated, and who realise that much is expected of them in the two years of the Sixth Form. Students now have to take responsibility for their own progress, and to show initiative in planning work to ensure they meet deadlines.

Regular reviews of progress are made, some formal, some informal. All subjects are assessed by modular examinations taken at up to four stages over the two years of the course. Grades for university estimates are derived from the Year 12 AS examination results, and all students are required to attain at least a grade equivalent to a satisfactory final pass before they can move up into Year 13. During Year 13 the progress of all students is regularly monitored and checked, both formally and informally, providing a system of continuous assessment, modelled on similar procedures currently operating in universities and colleges of higher education.

Sixth Form Boy in Class