Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

Welcome from the Head of Sixth Form

The first thing you will notice about life in the Sixth Form is that your relationship with your teachers changes. The learning process becomes much more of a partnership between yourself and teachers and you will quickly learn that they are there to help you fulfil your potential.

The Sixth Form years offer greater freedom and opportunity, but along with this freedom comes more responsibility. It is a time for you to take control of your own destiny: a time when you will make big decisions as you prepare for Higher Education and your future career.

You may find that A level is the most difficult work you have ever studied. The amount you are expected to cover, in lessons and in free time, is greater than you thought possible for a student. At the same time you will be looking forward to greater freedom and privileges. You may need help to get the balance right between your academic and social pursuits. Everything is in place at Bolton School to help you make these adjustments. We are not a Sixth Form College and our smaller size allows us to retain a genuine sense of community and for teaching staff to offer focused individual support. Our dedicated and experienced team offers a huge amount of advice that will guide you through your A level studies.

Yes, there will be high expectations, but I want you to leave Bolton School believing that everything you strive for is possible. You will explore exciting and extensive opportunities, be encouraged to be inquisitive and to innovate, to face challenge, take responsibility and show leadership, and to be a force for good in the community.

Welcome to our Sixth Form.

I am sure you will enjoy your time here.

Jack Williams
Head of the Sixth Form

Mr Jack Williams, Head of Bolton School Boys Division Sixth From