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Whole School Achievement

In the latest government ranking of schools by performance in the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) qualification, Bolton School Boys' Division has been ranked 10th in the country. In the same table, Bolton School Girls' Division is ranked 18th in the country.  The School has captured two of only three places taken by Northern schools in the top 20. Ninety five per cent of Boys' Division pupils and 93% of Girls' Division pupils achieved the EBacc qualification, which was introduced in 2010 and is awarded to pupils attaining A*-C GCSE passes in English, Mathematics, two Science qualifications, a language and History or Geography.  You can see the full table online.

Mr Philip Britton, Headmaster of the Boys' Division has seen his school move from the bottom to the top of the local rankings as the government finally recognises the IGCSE qualification. Commenting on the latest tables he said: "I am delighted with the success of the boys and girls in the GCSE league tables. In a way we have enjoyed being bottom of the league tables because the silliness of that position must have been obvious to everyone and it drew attention to how little tables actually can tell you about a school. We were bottom because we took IGCSE exams which had not been counted. Now these are, it is very good for the students to have their success recognised, but it actually makes the league tables no better a measure of the excellence of what we do here at Bolton School than they were when we did not appear. Education is about very good exam passes, which is the route to the next stages in life; but it is also about developing the attitudes and skills to make the most of that next stage when you get there and that is what we also do outstandingly well.'

The GCSE table of schools in the Bolton borough can be found online.

Headmistress, Miss Sue Hincks, said: "I am delighted at the girls' success, both at GCSE and A Level. As a new Head, I have found the girls' commitment to their studies and their extra curricular sport, music, drama and societies to be exceptional. The older girls are excellent role models for the younger ones and I look forward to helping shape their futures in the years to come."

The two Senior Schools also performed well in the government's A level league table with the Girls' Division being ranked 106th in the whole country and Boys' Division being ranked 121st.

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