Year 8 Boys Impress in Gymnastics Final
Senior Boys Sports

Seven Year 8 finalists took part in this year’s much anticipated Bolton School Boys’ Division's gymnastics vaulting final. The contest, one of the oldest running in the School, saw boys competing and preparing during their curriculum lessons and extra-curricular lunchtime club.

The finalists, chosen from the whole year group, performed in four disciplines in front of their peers: the through vault, the long fly, the rotational vault and the double box vault.

Mr Johnson, Head of PE, said:

It has been an outstanding final. The standard has been high this year but there was a clear winner; in fact, one of the best performances I’ve witnessed in the twenty years I have been watching boys take part in this competition. Toby Hazelton won with a magnificent display of control, flight and precision. Congratulations to all the boys who reached the final. Second place went to Ben Quillium and third place to Tristan Bennett.

The awards were presented by Head of Foundation, Mr Britton.

Earlier in the week, congratulations had gone to Daniel Bleakley, who won the Year 7 Gymnastics Competition, with second place going to Tom Davies and third place to Brody Shum.


Y8 Gymnastics Vaulting Final 2023

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