Speedcuber Beats His Own National Record
Senior Boys

Year 11 pupil Luke Burns has beaten the national record for 2x2 speedcubing: a record which he previously set.

Luke held the national record with an average for five solves of a 2x2 cube in 1.32 seconds. However, at the Wakefield Autumn 2023 in early October, he set a new record time of just 1.27 seconds!

Speedcubing involves trying to solve Rubik’s Cubes and similar cube puzzles as fast as possible. Luke first tried to get serious with the sport during the pandemic as a way to keep his mind stimulated. He said: ‘There are certain methods to solving the cubes, sequences of moves you can learn to solve it faster. The more of them you learn, the fewer turns needed to solve the cube and that translates to faster times.’

Luke is confident that with further training he could get even faster at solving the 2x2 cube.

This weekend, Luke will compete in the National Championships in Coventry, where he hopes to win the 2x2 event.

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