A Splendid Musical Evening in May
Boys' Division Music

Fifty-two senior boys and 2 senior girls presented a splendid evening of musical entertainment in the Boys’ Division’s Great Hall at Bolton School. 

A wide range of musical styles from the Baroque period through to jazz, pop, film music and West End musicals were enjoyed by a very supportive audience made up of family, friends and staff.  

Ensemble items were played by the Guitar Group (directed by Mr Rodwell and assisted by Dr Booth), the String Ensemble and Ukulele Ensemble (both directed by Miss Archer), the Lower School Choir (directed by Miss Sherry) and the Drum Corps (directed by Mr Forgrieve). 

Superb solo and duets items were given by Nicky Ling (7d) - piano, Suhayb Pal (7e) - vocal, Mateo Sprott (7f) - trumpet, Reuben Wardle (7d) - piano, Jamie Chen (8e) - piano, Jamie Daley (8e) - guitar, Oscar McVerry (8d) - piano, Theo Michaelas (8g) - vocal, Gabe Payne (8f) - xylophone, Alex Pierson (8a) - vocal, Jack Rothwell (8d) - vocal, Ambrose Zheng (8d) - piano, Advaith Govindu (9f) - guitar, Peter McCreedy (9d) - violin, George Meredith-Alexander (9a) - violin, Nishan Sharma (9d) - xylophone, Ed Goodfellow (10d) - guitar, James Bland (12c) - oboe and Laurence Britton (13f) - organ.

The piano accompanists were Mr Forgrieve, Ms Lien and Mrs Whitmore. Mr Lovatt ensured that all amplified items were balanced from the mixing desk.

Head of Foundation, Mr Britton, thanked all of the performers and brought a wonderful evening of music-making to a close.

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