Girls Achieve Highly in Chemistry Olympiad
Sixth Form Girls Chemistry

At the beginning of 2024, a couple of Year 13 students who didn’t have a mock that day, and - for the first time - several brave Year 12 pupils participated in the 56th annual Chemistry Olympiad The girls were challenged in applying their Chemical knowledge and mathematical skills in new, real-world, demanding situations. All the students demonstrated their problem-solving skills, determination and persistence on topics that were beyond their current understanding for the full two hours allowed. The results took a couple of months to come back but were well worth the wait as they were all rewarded with a certificate.

Uma Patel of Year 13 achieved a Gold Certificate, Aaminah Patel, also of Year 13 achieved a Silver Certificate, along with Jacequine Mok from Year 12. There were Bronze Certificates for Year 12 students Alexia Howarth, Rhea Sudhakar and Bing Yu Wang.

Chemistry Teacher Ms Alison Marrs said: ‘I congratulate all the girls. This is the first time that I am aware of a Year 13 Girls’ Division student getting a Gold certificate and the first time our Year 12 students have entered.’

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