Exciting Plans on the Horizon for Creatives Now
Bolton School Community

Everyone is invited to join Creatives Now's latest project: a cultural diversity project aimed at developing youth culture in Bolton. Supported by artists and led by young people, 'The Great Get Together' will explore access to and representation of all community members in arts and culture. The project aims to create welcoming and exciting spaces for young people's creativity in Bolton, including trips to regional creative centres like Factory International in Manchester. There will be behind-the-scenes experiences, conversations with experts, and the design of a summer event for children and young people in Bolton: 'The Great Get Together.'

Participation is free, and anyone can express their interest by clicking the 'Join Now' button on the Creatives Now website:

Visit Creatives Now to join

Creatives Now is a youth-led art collective for social change supported by Bolton School and Bolton at Home as part of Bolton's Cultural Education Partnership. Sessions take place every Saturday afternoon during term time in Creatives Now's town centre studio space.

There are still more exciting developments on the horizon for Creatives Now, including upcoming filmmaking opportunities and film festival programming sessions in collaboration with the Bolton Film Festival and national film festivals. There will also be a special 10-day Easter Holiday offer featuring a diverse array of arts and culture workshops facilitated by international artists. From action painting to mural design for a new town centre mural celebrating the children and young people in Bolton, these workshops promise a really exciting experience for all participants.

Be sure to keep an eye out for further details, as these offerings will open after the half-term break.

Colourful poster with test that reads: The Great Get Together! Creatives Now. Saturday 17 February - Saturday 22 June 12-3pm in The Crompton Place, Bolton. Central to the poster is a photo of decorative rainbow text art, which reads: “We have far more in common than that which divides us.” Below the photo, text continues: EXPLORE how local and regional artists and creative organisations celebrate diversity and culture. DESIGN your own community projects and commission artists to support you. PARTICIPATE in Easter holiday community workshops with international artists. HOST your own GREAT GET TOGETHER event in June. Creative Now Studio, Unit 5 The Crompton Place, Mealhouse Lane, Bolton, BL1 1DF.
A boy looking at busy artwork during a Creatives Now event

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