Outstanding Performance in UK Maths Challenge
Junior Boys Achievement

Congratulations went out to Ryan Chattopadhyay and Ibrahim Iqbal (gold medals), George Pickett and George Melling (silver medals) and Taran Guduru and Dhruv Patel (bronze medals) from the Junior Boys’ School at Bolton School, who all performed extremely well in the recent UK Junior Maths Challenge. 

The boys were selected by North West Gifted and Talented, a regional charity, following attendance at various Maths challenges throughout the year and they certainly didn’t disappoint in a challenge which included able pupils from Years 5, 6, 7 and 8 from schools across the UK. Special mention goes to Ryan who excelled and went through to the Junior Kangaroo which took place in London. The Kangaroo is as far as the younger pupils can go. He and the School is currently awaiting his results in this event; his endeavours being all the more commendable as he is still only in Year 5.

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